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Dedicated space for young researchers

At the heart of the Humanities & Social Science library, the dedicated space for young researchers is an interdisciplinary facility open to doctoral students, postdocs from the University’s research laboratories and resident researchers. Users can share their experiences, thus facilitating cross-fertilisation of knowledge and the emergence of new ideas and stimulating creativity.

The design approach in support of projects

The university’s libraries and Learning Center have put in place participatory UX approaches for user services and relations, key factors driving the success of our students.

The libraries support the design approach adopted by the European Metropolis of Lille as it celebrates its year as World Design Capital. Development and awareness-raising initiatives have been rolled out, and the libraries are involved in two of the proofs of concept (POCs) put in place to mark the event:

- Xperium: an enriched and augmented visitor experience to discover research and innovation in a new light

- Trinum Lilliad demonstrator

Fertile terrain for experimentation in collaboration with laboratories

Working with the Research Institute on software and hardware devices for information and advanced communication (IRCICA), the LILLIAD Learning Center Innovation provides fertile terrain for experimentation with sound, pollution and movement sensors.

LILLIAD is a “playground” for researchers and draws on these experiments to find new ways to improve the quality and usage of its spaces.

Innovative teaching practices

Fun approaches are available at bachelor’s level such as serious games. These give students the chance to discover the different library spaces and services available in the role of a character from the world of fiction.

ACTE is a scheme to help medicine and hospital pharmacy students complete their thesis and includes all of the methodological resources needed to achieve this.

For the beginning of the 2020 academic year, the "intégration" teaching unit is providing videos and quizzes to equip all 19,000 first-year bachelor’s students with the informational skills they need.

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Researcher–business workshops: a tailored approach

The research conducted during these workshops, in close collaboration with competitiveness clusters, benefits from prior discussions with the businesses involved to ensure adapted, qualified and lasting links between these businesses and the University’s research teams.

These workshops stimulate the emergence and implementation of innovative ideas and focus closely on the objectives of the researchers and the tangible problems facing the different sectors involved. They create a sufficiently robust link between each business and the University to ensure that its owners and its R&D staff can easily interact with the participating researchers to tackle innovation-related challenges together.