A user-centric approach

Adapting our collection management policy

The libraries base their decisions on a study of user practices and other indicators. Their approach is as follows:

  • a policy of stocking multiple copies of handbooks in paper format (in some disciplines up to 40 copies can be purchased) ;
  • a multimedia approach combining printed and digital materials to account for high user numbers and meet peaks and variations in demand ;
  • coordinated efforts alongside teaching staff, whose recommendations are decisive in determining the way students use the libraries.

This collaboration with teaching staff is further consolidated by the participation of library acquisition staff on various bodies (professional development, pedagogic and procurement committees).

Dynamic collections

The libraries aim to adapt the spaces available to optimise user comfort. A UX approach, i.e. based on the quality of each user’s experience and their actual practices, has been rolled out systematically in both digital and physical environments.

This of course concerns our collections: these are displayed in the most appropriate locations for greater visibility, taking into account the specific context of each discipline and ensuring that new items are promoted to ensure our libraries remain dynamic living spaces.

At the Healthcare BU, for example, our usage of the relaxation area, known as the salon, is constantly being revised and we regularly discuss how to optimise our collections. A selection of video games has also now been made available to students.